Winslow Township

Public Works: Garbage Collection Information


Place at curbside by 7:00 AM. All garbage/trash must be placed inside suitable bags or containers with handles or tied and bundled. 

Containers, bags, or bundles should not exceed 50 lbs. Please call 609 567-0700 x9001 or email with any questions you may have.

Cut, roll and tie carpet neatly so it can be hauled away (4 ft. length, less than 50 lbs.)

Bulk items such as couches and furniture can be placed out "as is" for collection.

Contractors doing renovations or construction work on your property cannot leave trash at the curb; they must remove all trash.

No trash, garbage or recyclable shall be placed at the point designated for collection at or near any street, alley, lane, road, highway or other public place earlier than 5:00 PM on the day before the day designated for collection.



includes automotive liquids, chemicals, fuels, household cleaners, paint related products (oil paints), pesticides and solvents. These hazardous materials cannot be disposed of with your regular trash. The Camden County Division of Environmental Affairs can be reached at or by calling 856-858-5241 for their locations and drop-off dates.

Water based only latex paint (cleans up with soap & water) can be disposed of in your regular trash once it’s dried out. To achieve the drying out technique; put a strong plastic bag in a cardboard box, then place kitty litter or sand into the plastic bag. Pour the water based paint into the plastic bag. If needed, add more kitty litter or sand. When the paint is dried out, tie the plastic bag and discard into the trash. When the inside of the empty paint can is hardened, you may dispose of it in the regular trash with the lid off.



Car batteries are recyclable and may be dropped off at the Public Works Office. Household batteries are not recyclable and may be put with your normal trash.


Car, bicycle and small truck tires may be put out for curbside collection, no more than four. Please be sure to have the rim off the tire.


Yard waste, including grass, tree limbs and plants, etc. are now collected as recyclable year-round.

Place at curbside for collection in open containers, paper bags or tied bundles, not exceeding 50 lbs. for any one item.

Branches should be cut in 4 ft. lengths and securely tied.

Place yard waste several feet away from trash and recyclable to avoid confusion with collections.

DO NOT mix trash or recyclable with yard waste. DO NOT use plastic bags.

Stickers for your yard waste cans are available at the Winslow Township Public Works office, located behind Town Hall.


consist of refrigerators (doors must be off), washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, swing sets, (concrete must be removed), lawn mowers, hot water heaters and all other metal items. White goods are usually scheduled to be picked up on Fridays. Please call The Dept. of Public Works between Monday and Thursday for an appointment at (609) 567-0700 select option #2


is recyclable and may be dropped off at any of the following sites:

Winslow Twp. D.P.W.
125 South Route 73
Braddock, NJ 08037
Monday thru Friday, 7am – 3pm


All residents are reminded that recycling is indeed the law, both statewide and locally. But the benefits of recycling should also be seriously considered. By removing recyclables from the regular trash flow, we help save our environment. 

How to Recycle

Recycling carts issued by Winslow township with the green lid are collected each week on your trash day. Use your cart space wisely, compress and flatten recyclables to maximize cart space. Cardboard must be broken down and placed vertically in cart or the cart may not entirely empty. All recyclable material must fit in cart in order to be picked up. All containers should be empty and rinsed. Any recycling material left outside recycling cart will not be collected by the automated truck.


All aluminum cans, plastic containers and glass bottles are to be put together in the yellow container provided by the Township. Yellow recycling containers are available for you to pick up at the Public Works Garage located directly behind Town Hall. Recyclables are to be put in your yellow recycling container and placed on the curb by 7:00 AM on your assigned collection day. DO NOT PUT RECYCLES IN PLASTIC BAGS.

Aluminum food and beverage containers - Aluminum soda and beer cans, cat food cans, etc.

Glass food and beverage containers - Flint (clear), Amber (brown), Emerald (green).

Ferrous Cans - Soup, coffee cans, etc.

P.E.T. plastic containers with the symbol #1.

H.D.P.E. natural plastic containers with the symbol #2.

H.D.P.E. pigmented plastic containers with the symbol #2 - detergent, shampoo and bleach bottles without caps.

Plastic numbers 4, 5, and 7


Food waste, Plastic bags, chip bags, plastic film, foam cups, hangers, scrap metal, plastic lids and caps, needles, syringes, frozen food/ice cream containers, window panes, mirrors, ceramics, any cookware dishes, waxed paper, waxed cardboard, electronic waste, paper to go containers including used pizza boxes.

Please refer to this insert for more detailed information: