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Municipal Court Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is your mailing address?

A. Winslow Township Court
125 S. Route 73
Braddock, NJ 08037

Q. Who do I make my check or money order payable to?

A. Winslow Township Municipal Court

Q. Should I include my summons or complaint number on my check or money order?

A. Yes, please include your summons or complaint number to insure you receive credit for your payment.

Q. Do you accept credit cards as a form of payment?

A. Yes, this office accepts Visa & Mastercard.

Q. What if my ticket is not paid by the date that appears at the bottom of the ticket? (Located on the ticket where it says notice to appear).

A. If your ticket is not paid by the due date, there will be a $10.00 late fee added by the following week. If you do not pay the ticket by the end of that week, there may be a warrant issued and a $25.00 warrant charge added to the fine of the ticket.

Q. My ticket is not marked court appearance required, how do I know if I should appear?

A. If your ticket is not marked court appearance required then most likely you do not need to appear, however if your ticket is not marked court appearance required and is a more serious violation then you should call the court to determine whether you should appear or not.

Q. Are my fines due in full?

A. All fines are due in full. If you appear in court you will be expected to pay all fines on that date. .

Q. How do I get to your court?

A. When traveling Route 73 South, we are located 6 lights from the Berlin Circle. If you are coming from Phila. take the Atlantic City Expressway to exit 33, ,make a left out of exit, go to the first light and make another left, we will be about 2 ½ miles on your left hand side. Traveling from Atlantic City, take the Atlantic City Expressway to exit 31, go about 3 miles, will are located on your left hand side.

Q. I do not have transportation to come to court.

A. We do not provide transportation, so if you need transportation you must make arrangements before your court date, we will not postpone your court date due to transportation issues.

Q. What do I do when I get to Winslow court?

A. When you appear in court have a seat in the courtroom. Court Staff or the court attendant will advise you what to do at that time.

Q. Can I pay my ticket online?

A. To pay your ticket online go to

Municipal Court Resources

Winslow Township Court Office
125 S. Route 73
Braddock, NJ 08037
Phone 609 567-0700 (option 4)
Fax 609 567-5269

Janice Fitting- Court Administrator
Court Office Hours- 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

The court office processes summons and formal complaints. Arrange court calendar, record court proceeding and assist the judge in court. Collect all fines and bail for outstanding warrants.

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