Swimming Pools

Pursuant to New Jersey Uniform Construction Code, the International Residential Code and/or the National Electrical Code, all swimming pools (in ground or above ground) that have the capacity of holding 24" or more of water (at any point) require zoning approval, along with a building and electric permit. It must also meet requirements of the above codes for the pool, the electric that runs the filter, pool barrier fencing around the pool and ladder, etc. Residents who already have pools erected without proper permits have the option of draining the pool or applying for the appropriate permits.

IRC 2009 NJ Edition Pool Requirements

 **Zoning sign off is required before Pool Package is accepted for review.**

Required Paperwork to Obtain a Pool Permit

  1. Approve form & Survey from zoning with Zoning Officer’s signature
  2. Building sub-code application (If the pool barrier is being completed by someone other than the company installing the pool, a separate building application is required)
  3. Electrical sub-code application (Must be signed and sealed by electrical contractor, unless work being completed by homeowner residing at the house where the pool is being installed)
  4. Plumbing and Fire sub-code applications (If installing a gas pool heater)
  5. Approved letter from Home Owner Association (If property located in a development with an HOA)
  6. Above Ground - Brochure and specifications on pool, filter, etc.
  7. In Ground – Two (2) sets of signed and sealed engineered drawings
  8. Specifications on pool heater (If applicable)
  9. Brochure and specifications on pool barrier, gates, etc (If existing fence is to be used, it must meet pool barrier requirements and cannot be owned by a neighbor)
  10. Electrical diagram showing how the electric will be installed (if work being done by a licensed electrician, the contractor must sign and seal the drawing