Connecting to the Water System

If your property is located within 200 feet of the municipal water main, mandatory connection to the system is required as per Township Ordinance as follows:

ยง 284-14. Connection to water system.

[Amended 8-24-88 by Ord. No. 0-26-88; 7-21-92 by Ord. No. 0-14-92]

A. All homes, buildings or structures situated within two hundred (200) feet of a public water distribution main must be connected to the public water system of the Township of Winslow. After said connection, the utilization of any private well, pump or other means for the furnishing of water to the connected premises shall be discontinued, except that such private water supply is allowed for purposes of irrigation, aesthetics or other non-potable use, so long as:

(1) The well must be a separate water system, not connected in any way, to the public water supply;

(2) The well water must not contain any primary health contaminant as defined by the New Jersey DEPE.

(3) A letter must be filed with the Department of Municipal Utilities and indicate that the private well shall be utilized for the aforesaid purposes, and setting forth the exact location and description thereof. [Amended 2-25-97 by Ord. No. 0-1-97]

The aforesaid requirements are of a continuing nature.

B. Groundwater Impact Area - Alternative payment of connection charge. In any section of the municipality where private water supply wells have been found to be contaminated, a Groundwater Impact Area shall be established either by the New Jersey DEPE, or the Camden County Health Department or the governing body of the Township of Winslow. The Groundwater Impact Area report shall delineate the contaminated private wells, and include an estimate of the private water supply wells that may be contaminated through groundwater movement within a five (5) year period. Any house, building or structure within the Groundwater Impact Area or within two hundred (200) feet of those water distribution mains which were constructed to service the Groundwater Impact Area and are required to connect in accordance with the terms of Section 284-14, shall be allowed to pay the required connection charge (Section 284-31C) in quarterly payments over a one (1) year period from the date of mandatory connection.

To apply for water connection the owner of the property must come to the Department of Municipal Utilities at the Dominic Maiese Municipal Complex at 125 South Route 73, Braddock, NJ 08037 and pay a connection fee of $2,643.00 a meter inspection fee of $100.00 and a $5.00 application fee for a total of $2,748.00 per EDU.

An application must be obtained through the Municipal Utility Department. After completing the application for water connection, you must take your copies (yellow and pink) with your payment receipt to apply for your permit with the Winslow Township Construction Department. When you receive your permit, your registered plumber may begin connection to our water main.

Quarterly water billing will begin once connection is made by your plumber and the township's plumbing inspector and the Municipal Utilities  Department inspector approves the connection.  

Residents are required to keep the area of the remote reader device accessible from the street and free of any barriers, paint or vegetation, that may impair the reading of your remote at all times.