Garbage Collection Information 


Place at curbside by 7am. All garbage/trash must be placed inside suitable bags and in the Winslow Township issued container with the lid closed. No material can be sticking out of the lid. No loose bags or additional containers will be dumped.

There are six holidays a year that may affect your trash collection schedule: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If your trash collection day is on one of these holidays or if the holiday is during the week and your trash follows the holiday during that week, your collection will be a day later. See our website home page for any changes that may arise at

Please call 609 567-0700 x9001 or email the office with any questions you may have.

Not sure which day is your designated garbage collection day? Click here to access the map.

DO NOT PUT OUT HAZARDOUS WASTE. Solvents, asbestos, etc. Call the County for scheduled collection days at (856) 858-5241. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries and devices containing these batteries should not go in household garbage or recycling bins. They can cause fires during transport or at landfills and recyclers. Instead, Li-ion batteries should be  taken to household hazardous waste collection points

CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS INCLUDING FLOORING, FENCING, DRY WALL, ETC. ARE NOT PICKED UP CURBSIDE. These types of items would need to be taken to Pennsauken landfill or the owner can purchase a bagster or dumpster. 

Electronics such as televisions, computers, printers, and satellite dishes should be brought to Department of Public Works and placed in the electronics container during normal business hours. Electronics are not acceptable in trash or recycle toters. 

Bulk items such as couches and furniture can be placed out "as is" for collection, unless it has glass. Glass in any furniture, pictures, fish tanks, or any other glass type bulk would need to have heavy duty tape making an "x" going across both sides. Toilets need to be unbolted from the tank for pick up. For carpet/rugs please cut, roll and tie neatly so it can be hauled away (4 ft. length, less than 50 lbs.) Mattresses and box springs will need to be covered or wrapped in plastic before being disposed. Mattress/Box spring bags can be found at big box stores for a small cost. Bulk will be picked up one day per month instead of every week.  Please call our department should you have a question regarding a specific item you have. No construction type debris, extra containers of trash, or extra bags will be collected curb side on your trash day or bulk day. Bulk collection does not include cardboard boxes or extra recyclable items. Boxes can be brought to Public Works during normal business hours. The bulk schedule is as follows: 

1st Thursday of the month-For residential bulk trash normally picked up on Monday

2nd Thursday of the month-For residential bulk trash normally picked up on Tuesday

3rd Thursday of the month-For residential bulk trash normally picked up on Wednesday

4th Thursday of the month-For residential bulk trash normally picked up on Thursday and Friday.

If the Thursday for your collection date falls on a holiday, Waste Management will pick it up on Friday. 

There are no bulk pick ups completed on the 5th Thursday of the month

* If a holiday that Waste Management is closed falls on Thursday of your bulk week, bulk will be picked up on that Friday. 

Contractors doing renovations or construction work on your property cannot leave trash at the curb; they must remove all trash.

No trash, garbage or recyclable shall be placed at the point designated for collection at or near any street, alley, lane, road, highway or other public place earlier than 5:00 PM on the day before the day designated for collection.

Visit for tips on recycling. 

Paper and Cardboard

Newspaper, white paper, magazines and cardboard should be placed in your Winslow Township issued recycle container and placed at curbside for collection on your normal collection day by 7am.

Do not put your paper recyclable in plastic bags.

Do not recycle: Waxed paper or waxed cardboard, plastic trash bags, and items that should be in your trash container.

Batteries - Automotive and Household

Car batteries are recyclable and may be dropped off at the Public Works Office. Household batteries are not recyclable and may be put with your normal trash.


Car and bicycle tires may be put out for curbside collection, no more than four per bulk collection day. Please be sure to have the rim off the tire. If it is a business they must be disposed of by business owner at their cost.

Yard Waste

Yard waste, including grass, tree limbs and plants, etc. are now collected as recyclable year-round. You may use your yellow container or any other container marked yard waste.

Place at curbside for collection in open containers, paper bags or tied bundles, not exceeding 50 lbs. for any one item.

Branches should be cut in 4 ft. lengths and securely tied.

Place yard waste several feet away from trash and recyclable to avoid confusion with collections.

DO NOT mix trash or recyclable with yard waste. DO NOT use plastic bags.

Stickers for your yard waste cans are available at the Winslow Township Public Works office, located behind Town Hall.


Latex paints and empty containers are not hazardous waste and should be disposed of in your regular trash. Collectors require that they be air dried with lids removed to ensure pick up by our waste hauler. We recommend using kitty litter or sand as a drying agent.

White Goods

White Goods consist of refrigerators (doors must be off), washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, swing sets, (concrete must be removed), lawn mowers, hot water heaters and all other metal items. White goods are usually scheduled to be picked up on Fridays. Please call the Dept. of Public Works, Monday - Thursday for an appointment at (609) 567-0700, select option 2.

Motor Oil

Motor oil is recyclable and may be dropped off at:

Winslow Twp. D.P.W.
125 South Route 73 
Braddock, NJ 08037 
Monday - Friday, 7am – 3pm

Acceptable Commingled Recyclables

All aluminum cans, plastic containers and glass bottles are to be put together in the recycle container provided by the Township. Recyclables are to be put in your recycling container and placed on the curb by 7am on your assigned collection day. DO NOT PUT RECYCLES IN PLASTIC BAGS.

Aluminum food and beverage containers - Aluminum soda and beer cans, cat food cans, etc.

Glass food and beverage containers - Flint (clear), Amber (brown), Emerald (green).

Ferrous Cans - Soup, coffee cans, etc.

P.E.T. plastic containers with the symbol #1.

H.D.P.E. natural plastic containers with the symbol #2.

H.D.P.E. pigmented plastic containers with the symbol #2 - detergent, shampoo and bleach bottles without caps.

Plastic numbers 4, 5, and 7 are no longer being recycled