3/23/2015 - InCase Program

Resident Emergency Contact Utilization Technology - "INCASE"

The Incase is an innovative system that utilizes barcode scanning technology to provide police with homeowners’ personal contact information in emergency situations.

The majority of lost lives and property damage that occur can now be vastly minimized by instantly and properly informing the people who save our lives.

This secure system allows police to scan a personalized barcode on the door frame of a house or business via an encrypted iPhone or Android app and gain access to a secure database which stores the homeowner’s name and cell phone number, additional emergency contacts, and any other extra information the homeowner would like included (such as medical issues or information about pets).

The Incase benefits communities by delivering members peace of mind that in the event of emergencies involving elderly family members, vacation homes, businesses, and their own homes, they can be reached quickly by the police.

The Incase is available in Winslow. A one-time fee of approximately $10.70 per home. You can register online at http://www.theincase.com/index.html   

For more information please call the Winslow Township Police Department at (609) 561-3300 and ask to speak to Detective Michael Parker or Patrolman Michael Gingrich.

**Please note, costs associated with this program goes directly to Incase, and Incase is solely responsible for any and all use of this product and its security, privacy, accuracy, and/or usefulness of the product. Winslow Township is not responsible in any way for the safety, accuracy or use of the Incase program.