11/17/2015 - Winslow Twp Switching to Automated Trash/Recycling Pick-Up

Winslow Township is switching to automated trash/recycling containers beginning the week of January 4, 2016.

For information about the containers please click here.


When will we receive new carts?

 Carts will be delivered between November 30th until December 19th or when each resident receives a can.

Each household will receive one 96-gallon, wheeled trash can that will replace all other trash bins, as well as one 96-gallon wheeled recycle can. The cans will be emptied each week by specially outfitted trucks with automated arms that will lift the can, empty it, and place it back at the curb.

The cans are property of Winslow Township; they will be delivered directly to each home. No appointments are necessary, and residents do not need to be home to receive the new trash bin.

To view a copy of the letter/material included in the cart delivery - please go to http://www.winslowtownship.com/filestorage/69/Toters.pdf

Do I have to pay for my new trash cart?

No. All households will receive one new, 96-gallon trash cart and one recycle cart at no charge.

When will automatic collection begin?

The week of January 4th 2016.

Can residents put their house number on them?

Yes, you may put your house number on the trash can and recycle can you are provided with.

What can I do with my old trash can and recycle can?

You can use them for yard waste as long as they are under 50lbs. and any branches are less than 4 foot in length. The other option is you can put them out upside down and they will be discarded on your trash day.

I already have a rolling cart at home, can I use that one?

No. Only those carts provided by the Town will be collected. Carts other than those provided by the Township will not be collected once your new cart has been delivered.

The new carts look big. Are they easy to wheel to and from the curb?

The new trash carts are easier to maneuver than a similar-sized trash can. They are designed for weight distribution and safety and are easy to move to the curb even when they are full. They are senior-friendly and roll easily on all types of terrain. It is easier to pull the cart uphill and push the cart downhill.

What if I need a smaller container?

Smaller containers are not available at this time. 

What should I do with overflow trash that does not fit into my cart?

Your new trash cart can accommodate as much volume as 3 to 4 standard-sized trash cans. We expect these carts to be sufficient for your household.  Please adjust your trash disposal to make sure you are recycling properly.  Please check the Township’s recycling procedure. However, there is now a procedure in place should you consistently have a weekly overflow of trash. After notifying Public Works of your concern, your household waste situation would be carefully reviewed to ensure proper recycling is taking place prior to evaluating the potential need of a second toter.

What if I have bulk items?

Bulk items that do not fit inside the trash carts will continue to be collected according to our existing guidelines. Examples of Bulk items are: toilets, mattresses, sofas, chairs etc.

How do I prepare my trash cart for weekly set-out?

All trash should be bagged before being placed in the cart. The lid to the cart must close tightly, and no material should be sticking out of the cart. Trash and recycling carts should be placed at the curb approximately 3 feet apart from each other, and at least 4 feet from obstacles such as mailboxes, telephone poles and any overhead obstructions. Cart handles and wheels should be facing the house and the lid opening should face the street.

What do I do with my cart if I move?

Carts are issued and owned by the township and must remain at the property/address to
which they are assigned.

What if my cart is damaged?

Contact the Department of Public Works at (609) 567-0700 to report a damaged cart.

* Metal and appliances can be scheduled (Monday-Thursday) for pick up on Friday by calling Public Works at (609) 567-0700 option #2

All trash carts will have the Township logo on the side and will be linked to your address via a serial number embedded in the plastic.

Questions or concerns please call Winslow Public Works at 609-567-0700 option 2 or email us at publicworks@winslowtownship.com