Police News

5/18/2020 - Response to Coronavirus Pandemic
To reduce the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 and protect our officers and the community, the Winslow Township Police Department is making slight alterations to our current procedures. Our service to the community will not change. We will respond to crimes in progress without hesitation and that procedure will not change.

Beginning immediately, we will be altering the current methods to report certain calls for service. For crimes that are not in progress or non-emergent reports, a 911 caller may be asked to provide their name and phone number to the call taker. That information will be forwarded to an officer who will call the complainant and take the report.

For those that wish to come to the Municipal Building, you may be asked to leave and complete your report over the phone. If you are displaying signs of fever, cough, difficulty breathing and shortness of breath please do not come to the Tonwship building.

If calling 911 and a response to a residence is required, when possible, please advise the call taker if a household member is displaying signs of fever, cough, difficulty breathing and/or shortness of breath. If necessary, officers may ask to speak with the caller outside rather than inside the residence.

Governor Phil Murphy ordered the following for all New Jersey residents and businesses:

-All schools (including private) close

-All casinos, theaters, and gyms close

-All recreational/entertainment businesses close. During the day, these businesses can remain open if they limit their occupation to no more than 50 people and adhere to the guidelines of social distance.

-Prohibition of meetings of more than 50 people

-All bars and restaurants will be closed for dining in. The establishments can open for takeout or delivery services only. These restrictions also exist during the day.

-All non-essential or emergency trips in New Jersey are not recommended between 8:00 pm and 5:00 am. This will remain in force in the foreseeable future.

-Essential businesses that are necessary for the health, safety and well-being of the public, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, medical clinics and service stations, can remain open after 8:00 pm.